"...a wily mainstream jazz veteran with an unerring feel for all idioms..."

--- Guitar Player Magazine

"The crystaline tone and clean runs of John Carlini's acoustic jazz guitar are worth the price of admission."

--- Acoustic Guitar Magazine


John is available for performance in a variety of formats including:

  • Solo guitar
  • Duo consisting of guitar and acoustic bass
  • Trio with guitar, bass, and vocalist

Various ensemble combinations are available.

Email John here to discuss your musical needs. He will get back to you personally to discuss pricing and suggestions for ensemble configuration. Please be sure and include your telephone number, time zone, and the best time for John to reach you.

Pictured above are two different performances of the John Carlini Quartet. On the left, the quartet is comprised of Don Stiernberg on mandolin, Steve Holloway on drums, John Carlini on acoustic guitar, and bassist Brian Glassman.

On the right, is John Carlini on electric guitar, Steve Johns on drums, Jim Pellegrino on tenor saxaphone, and Steve Freeman on bass.

Here is a sample of the John Carlini quartet from the CD "The Game's Afoot"


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