Dawg Roots

Volume I is a collection of traditional tunes that David Grisman has recorded, along with personal photos and memories connected with each selection. Examples are Katy Hill, Wildwood Flower, and Shady Grove. John worked closely with David on the music manuscript for each volume.



Dawg Grass

Volume II is a collection of "Dawg" originals generally in the bluegrass genre. Opus 57, Dawg's Bull, and Albuquerque Turkey are examples. As an added bonus, John got to transcribe Earl Scruggs' banjo solo in Dawggy Mountain Breakdown!



  Dawg Jazz

I am thrilled to have worked with David on all three volumes of the "Book of the Dawg". Dawg Jazz contains some of David's cool tunes from the Grammy-nominated CD, "Dawg '90", recorded when I held the guitar chair, as well as plenty of other original swing tunes to keep you groovin' for years!


Bach 2-part Inventions

Mandolinists and guitarists can now play all 15 of these great pieces in a duet format. The book contains separate pull-out sections for each instrument and a code to download the audio by Carlo Aonzo and John Carlini. There are even practice audio files with your instrument at a lower volume.







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