"By George"

“I love it immensely. I listen to it over and over!”

-- Tony Rice-guitarist/recording artist

“It’s a home run project for sure.

It should play at every jazz and college station across the continent. It is by far the best piece of work I’ve heard this year and will/should become a classic. You guys have set the bar high with By George and give us all a level to aspire to."

-- Steve Kaufman-Pres. Steve Kaufman’s Flatpicking Camps

“I think it is a marvelous work of art! It’s fabulous and deep. The writing is great and the thing grooves all the way thru without letup. The way you have tapped the original sources is wonderful. What do you do to Summertime to make it fresh? Go back to the real deal and bring it forward. An elegant incorporation of the original lines into something new.

It’s the best!”

-- Michael Maher-Musician/Composer/Conductor


“This album is a joy from start to finish!”

-- Joe Lang-Reviewer-New Jersey Jazz Society

Review of "By George" by David McCarty

Dynamic Duo of Stiernberg and Carlini strikes again with By George!

Review by Ted Eschliman from http://jazzmando.com

Review of "By George" by Chris Thiessen

Flatpicking Guitar Magazine Vol 10 No 3 March/April 2006