David Grisman's Liner Notes

I've known Tony Rice and John Carlini as musicians, friends and collaborators for quite some time now. In fact, I introduced them to each other back in the earliest days (1975) of my original quintet. Now some folks will tell you that guitar players are competitive creatures and tend not to get along, but that's not the case with these two highly creative individuals. They were instant friends; and from this long standing personal relationship came a most intuitive association based on large doses of mutual admiration and compatibility.

Tony, on the edge of bluegrass guitar style, is known throughout the world as the leading proponent of acoustic flat-picking. As such he has made many albums as both leader and sideman, in addition to performing with his own much-loved Tony Rice Unit. John Carlini, though less widely known, has had an extremely diverse musical career as an arranger, conductor, composer and guitarist. He's conducted the Ice Capades Orchestra and arranged pieces for and/or played with my own groups, the Kronos String Quartet, and most recently, the Nashville Mandolin Ensemble. John is also an accomplished bluegrass (and beyond) banjo player and currently plays 5-string, guitar and arranges vocals of his own group, Over The Edge.

I'm glad that these two pioneers of the current acoustic music scene have decided to get serious and make this first recording of some special music that I've known about for some time now.
So sit back and listen.

David Grisman