"Live at the Turning Point"

Liner Notes by Bill Keith

With this impressive CD, the John Carlini Quartet makes its recording debut on the jazz scene. This energetic set, taped live at the Turning Point in Piermont, New York, captures the magic that John (guitar), Josh Rubin (guitar), Brian Glassman (bass) and Steve Holloway (drums) generated for the appreciative crowd that night.

Starting things off is John's compelling composition, "Virtual Fajitas", in which John and Josh trade guitar solos while Brian and Steve provide the momentum of a deep rhythmic groove. Then the Quartet changes pace with "BitterSweet", which showcases John's liquid tone in two expressive solos. "Blues al Dente" serves up more high energy interplay between John and Josh, which continues in "Aerborne", another fine original composition.

As John's many fans know, his remarkable talents are not limited to writing and performing - his career encompasses a wide range of critically acclaimed musical collaborations, from his work with jazz mandolinist, David Grisman, on recordings, as well as the musical score for the film, "King of the Gypsies", his orchestrations for the off-Broadway musical, "Song of Singapore", his arrangements for the Nashville Mandolin Ensemble, and the notable recording, "River Suite for Two Guitars" with guitarist, Tony Rice, to mention a few highlights.

Now with his quartet, John Carlini has found a musical home for his creative energies, much to the pleasure of the jazz aficionados who have heard him perform. It was a memorable evening for me at the Turning Point, and with the release of this CD, you too can share the pleasure.

-- Bill Keith