Study with John Carlini

John is currently offering three types of lessons:


  • In New Jersey, at John's private studio


  • One-on-one, on-line, with John


  • Study materials designed by John to be completed at the student's own pace


Whatever your schedule, wherever you are, you have the opportunity to learn from one of the industry's finest musicians!



Coming soon!


For those of you who are students of John's, you will soon have the

ability to have a digital video of your lesson for later review.


If you are studying on-line, or one-on-one, you will be able to

purchase a CD of your lesson at a nominal fee.


Check back here for pricing and availability!



Here John enjoys the sound of a Monteleone guitar during a recording session for By George.

Photo by Steven Briggs


John Carlini

Photo by Phil Goldman

Throughout his career John has taught many students. Some have been with him continuously for over a decade! While he regularly instructs at all levels, John also has true aficionados who travel across the country to have an opportunity to get a few hours of one-on-one instruction from him.

John offers his expertise on various levels to prospective students. Instruction is available one-on-one at John's studio. Additionally, multi-media instructional aids are available for those outside of the New York metropolitan area.

Here is a unique opportunity to learn from a true artist!

John teaches all levels of guitar and 5-string banjo and has a special affinity for acoustic players who wish to take their playing to the next level. In fact, John’s regular column in Flatpicking Guitar Magazine is called “Taking It To The Next Level!”

Regardless of your personal abilities or experience, learning from John, either in-person or through one of his other instructional media, is a unique experience! Coming from a deeply musical family, his inspirational abilities are unique, enabling him to teach beginners the fundamentals, as well as to prepare the accomplished musician for an upcoming concert, audition or composition.

The opportunity to learn from John is unique in and of itself in that John actively produces and performs on a professional level, including on the Grammy-nominated CD ‘Dawg ‘90’.

In a nutshell John likes to say he ‘does what he teaches’.

John has a passion for passing along his love for the craft to all who aspire to reach their personal best.

During his musical life John has had the good fortune to have had a cornucopia of great instructors, among them, Phyllis Carlini, Bill Leavitt, Mick Goodrick, Jim Hall, Chuck Wayne, Herb Pomeroy, Phil Wilson, Gary Burton, Charlie Marianno, Dom Um Romao, and more. He constantly draws on these experiences in his own teaching methodology.

For a complete history of John's musical life, see his biography here.

Be sure to check out John's series of on-line lessons by clicking here.


To have John contact you regarding your personal

 instructional needs, please email him directly here.



“You have a decided gift in the area of teaching and communication. This results in players being inspired to pick up their instruments with... more insight into what they’re doing. I greatly admire and appreciate your fine work.”

Jon Van G.


"If you would like to check out one of the best guitar teachers on the planet, go to!"

Kevin N


“I have been impressed with your ability to teach interesting guitar tips in an accessible way for a beginner/intermediate flatpicker like myself.”

Larry K.

Atlanta, GA


“... I learned some very important things. The encounters were transformational”!

Ed M.

New Mexico


"The insight… really helped me with my playing. Thanks for helping me so much on my journey.” 

Ablert K.

Los Angeles, CA


“I would like to thank you for the experience and training you have given me. I learned a lot. In a few weeks I’ll be off to college to continue in jazz guitar.”

Jon S.

Westfield, NJ


“Just a short note to thank you... What an epiphany!”

Roger H.

“The best teacher I ever had!”



Ossining, NY

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