Tony Rice & John Carlini Live Concert

Live in Cashiers Cover

In 1995 Tony Rice and I released “River Suite for 2 Guitars” (Sugar Hill). Over the years the recording has garnered countless accolades and continues to be a best seller. Now David Grisman‘s web site, Acoustic Oasis has released the one and only duo concert that Tony and I ever performed together. You can get it here and listen to a few samples also.

Here is a bit of “back end” info on the original recording of River Suite. Tony and I recorded the CD in his music den using a Tascam portable DAT machine and an Audio-technica AT822 stereo mic set up on a coffee table! Tony then brought in an analog tape machine that we used to transfer the DAT recording and to do some editing. motorcycle fairings,We then brought the finished product to the great Bill Wolf who did the mastering. The entire project cost nothing but the time and work we put into it!

The tunes are ones that we developed over the years of jamming together during Tony’s tenure with the David Grisman Quintet. During that time, yamaha r6 fairings,Tony and I developed a treasured personal friendship and professional association.

There will be more to come in this blog about those special times with the original DGQ. Stay tuned!

Meanwhile I hope you enjoy this live concert.

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