Premier of John’s Podcast from “The Vault”!

Welcome to a new feature of John’s Blog, podcasts from “The Vault“, audio/video programs comprised of selections from my personal iTunes¬†collection. This first episode contains a sample tune, r1 fairings,”Blues al Dente”, from my CD, “The Game’s Afoot!” and features Don Stiernberg, Pat Cloud, Brian Glassman, and Steve Holloway.

Then special guest, David Grisman, joins me on a phone interview produced by bluegrass radio host, Carol Beaugard. David offers some essential acoustic music history and memories. yamaha r6 fairings,I think you’re all going to enjoy hearing about the roots of “Dawg Music” and the DGQ. That’s followed by a track from the Grammy-nominated CD, “Dawg ’90“.

The program winds up with a solo guitar piece, “River Sound“, dedicated to the memory of my friend, Nashville mandolinist/producer, Butch Baldasarri.

I hope you all enjoy this first episode from “The Vault”!

Copyright © 2016 John Carlini

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