Ressurected Exirceptor Vfr 800 Honda Streetfighter fairings

flying from jeep xtreme @ i want to give you an update on my bike in the progress that has been made this is almost finished I have have you been following my build thread kind of here and there I all I’ve got left to do now is add shorty exhaust I think ,2007 gsxr 600 fairings,I’m going to go with a caufman exhaust on it has one removable baffle that I could put on it what I’ve done is I take it on a ride yesterday about 60 miles and handle the grade did great I didn’t have any issues except for a little bit of sputter because of I’m not running basically an exhaust our muffler right now so and I did some delete so it kinda and needs a little bit of tuning .

but she runs pretty name did I one that bad what I did on the front is I put my exhaust tips on the front of it are actually the exhaust shields and I’m not done with them i’m going to pop rivet them around the edges here but it may not it kind of made a nice Oh fairing front on it and what I used was exhaust shields and tips off of it,cheap motorcycle fairings, but I’m pretty happy with it it’s come out pretty good I just uses the shield’s like a sad and the shield decorative tips for it up here I might put what I’m going to do is put fog lights in there they’re aiming up a little bit so i’ll have to eat my fog lights kind of down but this light right here is aimed down fairly good so i may put some decorative light in it and maybe a pot light i did put some lower handlebars on there basically sportbike bars and they clear can see i’m rubbing a little bit right here but not terrible and i can probably fix that but other than that everything clears .

i had to move my whole face plate right here or my my instrument panel up that was very challenging took the most time arrived anything so i could save this and keep this ,gsxr 600 fairings,because i like I want to have all my gauges now or I made a little bracket to hold my life worked out nice inside it works good anyhow this is it this is almost the finished product got the chip the rear exhaust tip put on foot muffler tip to put on and eventually i’ll replace the tank but it’s not perfect .

it’s not meant to be perfect and i’m pretty proud of her so in three weeks I accomplished replacing the bike .

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