Custom JORDAN 1 for Chris Brown

today I have a very special custom now I know I say this about every single custom that I do but today it’s actually very very special and it’s not always special to me it’s actually special to my friend Chris Brown yes I like to call him my friend makes me feel a little bit cooler than I am he actually asked me if I can do some Jordan ones .

I said can I do Jordan once of course I can do Jordan one take a look see Daisy at those and now as you can see I talked to him on DM therefore I do read my dear therefore when you guys DM me I do read them just a few DMS about the Bands competition where you customize pair vans and they like reduce it and you vote on it just a few people damn me about that maybe yeah ,cheap jordan shoes,so I’m gonna answer stay tuned okay also as far as today’s video goes I think I’m gonna throw on some rose and like laughs because um they’re for Chris Brown and I think he is the representation of a rose because he rose in Fame but let’s start and get right into this shoe drop a like down below if you will do ok enough to poetry enough with the blabbering it’s time to get into of the paints when you watch this video please notice my edits I’m out in your trying are and it’s just simple little things you may not notice like this or if I have some paint enjoy the video make sure and subscribe ,cheap jordans for sale,if you’re new to this channel enjoy let’s go . this is the final product finished Jordan I just took Chris Brown’s drip level and took it from maybe s8 and now it is 11 out of 10 so you’re welcome also I apologize .

if I look a little weird and sound a little funny but I just always look weird it’s not funny also this is a Jordan one shoe and I just custom painted it but if you didn’t like the Jordan one I think I can do other thing I can paint bill origami I can do quite a bit of stuff but my mind is going like this cuz I don’t know what to do I can’t even cook I get yourself a man who can cook so just drop a comment down below letting me know what you want to see me do hopefully ,cheap jordan 11,I can hand deliver these to him and then got a picture with her and then I could like show it to my friends and stuff and they’ll like like you a little better but I’m gonna have to make myself a pair of these honestly I can see it and then we can be twinsies high-five okay .

I hope you enjoyed I hope you’re a little bit satisfied even if you were not this much satisfied hopefully or at least that much satisfied okay a little melon sham um that’s kind of off subscribe down below go down hit subscribe if you’re new I’ll see you in a week with possibly sneak peek ready sneak peek hopefully you got that you probably did it but if you did I’ll see you next week with that and goodbye

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