Jordan Landes-Brenman’s Classic Shoes Shoe Hoarders Ep. 8

hi I’m Tyra also known as Stefan my shoes on the Channel Nine Network and you’re watching shoe hoarders hi guys I’m Jordan and this tinkerbell welcome to our place let’s go check out my shoes come on this way welcome to my bedroom which also doubles as my shoe closet I own a fashion PR and marketing company called hot house PR and marketing and we specialize in representing fashion designers,cheap jordan 11, so because of that I get a lot of free clothes that has enabled me to be able to afford accessories I’m obsessed with nude shoes.

I know it’s trendy I know you know everyone’s doing that now but I did it before everyone else and the reason is because it elongate your leg for instance right now I’m wearing nude shoes this makes me look taller skinnier just it’s great it’s just a matter of matching it to your skin tone which can be tricky whenever I need to you know run to the dog store run to the dry cleaner go to Starbucks this is what I wear I have had my Chanel flats for years,jordan 11 china, I love the patent cap-toe I’ll of course the logo but that it’s still subtle so it’s not in-your-face and I love that it looks like old school ballet shoes because I did ballet for like 14 years so this just reminds me of those and they’re so comfortable but they still have a tiny bit of heel I’ve had them for the past like 7 years and I wear them everywhere this is the shoe that I’ve worn more than any other pair of shoe all men now know to look for this red sole they need to know one thing about fashion they know what Christian Louboutins are even if they can’t say it correctly they’re kind of like a mullet when you think about it it’s like business and front party and back these are these red road NOLA Blahniks .

I just think they’re beautiful I called in my senior eat two shoes reminds me of my mid-20s other pairs buy Manolo Blahnik as well I just love all the red sparkle you could click your heels together and say there’s no place like home please I know were originally 850 but I got them for like 285 which is a steal ,cheap jordan 11 low,so that’s why I bought two pairs when I bought these these are by Prada I’ve only worn these like two times the perfect nautical shoe that you probably can’t even wear while anything not a car they fight around your ankle which is just so fun and you know reminds me of summer even just the heel goes from navy to clear lucite which is just so unexpected so thanks for stopping by and checking out my shoe collection.

I’m gonna go walk Tinkerbell now so I’ll see you later fight are you a shoe order to upload a video of your shoe collection to prove it to create a video response follow these three easy steps step 1 go to the comments box step 2 click video response step 3 upload and post it you

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