Greatest Dunks of Michael Jordan’s Career

Brad Hall back here at it again with some more information for you today I’m gonna show you a really exciting shoe hack how you can wear the Michael Air Jordan 11 Concord before the holiday release you don’t have to wait till then all you have to do get yourself a pair of the cleats they look almost exactly the same that mesh upper the 23 on the back the Michael Air Jordan dunking patent-leather a little bit lower than normal but not bad at all the only thing really different this pair has a bunch of cleats on the bottom now the cleats do pose a little bit of a problem they make a lot of noise ,cheap jordan 11,when you put them on I’m gonna show you that right now you can really hear me clicking and clacking with them almost like a tap shoe it works either way front or back you can hear them still really noisy on this surface don’t notice that as much but you’re not walking on leather all that often pretty nice on carpet actually would again significantly louder you can really hear that on wood.

so now I’m gonna show you how you can solve that problem here’s the hack to cut down on that noise all you need are some felt pads that you use for furniture and we’re gonna put these on the bottom of each cleat really simple they’re self-adhesive I’ll show you one and then you can do the rest at home peeled and pops make sure it’s on there we’re doing a couple more just to make sure you get it pop it on and just for reference ,cheap jordan shoes,I did peel first so I still peeled and popped I’m gonna do one on the forefoot just so you can see peel pop it on there and last one right up here and look at that looks really nice the nice thing about using brown felt most of the time the ground is brown.

so you’re not gonna even notice these and I took my time with it so pretty nicely on there now let’s see how much quieter this is my right shoe it’s got the felt pads my left one nothing so let’s see how they sound together listen to how quiet that right one is you barely notice that left one it’s like I’m wearing those caps again left right left right right left right back quiet loud quiet .

Wow the felt pads even feel better it’s like wearing an insole outside of the shoe even on the leather makes a slight difference this is again this is mostly about feel because you can’t hear either one so in conclusion if you’re dying to get your hands on those Michael Air Jordan 11 Conchords and you don’t want to wait till the holidays pick up a pair of cleats pick up some felt pads you’re all set I will say this ,cheap jordans,if you plan on walking only on carpet and leather you don’t even need the felt pads just get those cleats and you’re good thanks for watching and remember tune in again for more helpful shoe hacks from me

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