review KOBE 9 Lebron 12 Air Jordan XX9 shoes

okay what’s up guys this is Jeff doing a video on the Champs Sports in lakeside mall after they usually renovated it looks very different so stay tuned here are some of the shoes that they have in stock first is the Nike a bronze oome soldier 8 they have a lot of different styles of this issue as you can see right here all different colors all different styles next they have the Nike Kevin Durant KD 7 Kevin’s out for a month or so but he’s still strong here you can see the styles nice colors and also the layout of the shoes is really nice,cheap jordan 11, they’re all like leg level you don’t have to bend your neck back like at Foot Locker or some of these other stores you can pretty much look down and see all these shoes just like you are in this video right now at the same high level next they had some of the new Kobe nines Black Mamba Kobe Bryant signature shoe here in um the neon orange and red styles of course they also had Air Jordans and new Air Jordans um in both major styles.

this bear Jordan xx9 29 so for a price tag of around $230 they better be good shoes and they are and this chap store has them also they had the Jordan Superfly 3 this is the shoe that Blake Griffin of the Clippers likes to wear it has them the flight plate technology draws a lot of inspiration from the Air Jordans ,jordan 11 china,that you just saw another other slide and this is a view of the back of the store to check out the socks and also look at how their shoe setups look in the store.

they also had the new LeBron twelves in stock these are the two colorways that they had very nice shoes $200 retail and of course being a local New Orleans store ,cheap jordan 11 low,they had one of the LSU branded Nike Zoom field general shoes it has Dallas you logo on the tongue and signature colors school colors purple and gold on a sheared a shoe was going for $130 at the champ store this is a look at the walls of apparel did have the Nike and Jordan apparel and now is a look at the champ store in lakeside mall in Metairie Louisiana as I said it’s noodley renovated as a lot of the champ stores in the malls .

Greatest Dunks of Michael Jordan’s Career

Brad Hall back here at it again with some more information for you today I’m gonna show you a really exciting shoe hack how you can wear the Michael Air Jordan 11 Concord before the holiday release you don’t have to wait till then all you have to do get yourself a pair of the cleats they look almost exactly the same that mesh upper the 23 on the back the Michael Air Jordan dunking patent-leather a little bit lower than normal but not bad at all the only thing really different this pair has a bunch of cleats on the bottom now the cleats do pose a little bit of a problem they make a lot of noise ,cheap jordan 11,when you put them on I’m gonna show you that right now you can really hear me clicking and clacking with them almost like a tap shoe it works either way front or back you can hear them still really noisy on this surface don’t notice that as much but you’re not walking on leather all that often pretty nice on carpet actually would again significantly louder you can really hear that on wood.

so now I’m gonna show you how you can solve that problem here’s the hack to cut down on that noise all you need are some felt pads that you use for furniture and we’re gonna put these on the bottom of each cleat really simple they’re self-adhesive I’ll show you one and then you can do the rest at home peeled and pops make sure it’s on there we’re doing a couple more just to make sure you get it pop it on and just for reference ,cheap jordan shoes,I did peel first so I still peeled and popped I’m gonna do one on the forefoot just so you can see peel pop it on there and last one right up here and look at that looks really nice the nice thing about using brown felt most of the time the ground is brown.

so you’re not gonna even notice these and I took my time with it so pretty nicely on there now let’s see how much quieter this is my right shoe it’s got the felt pads my left one nothing so let’s see how they sound together listen to how quiet that right one is you barely notice that left one it’s like I’m wearing those caps again left right left right right left right back quiet loud quiet .

Wow the felt pads even feel better it’s like wearing an insole outside of the shoe even on the leather makes a slight difference this is again this is mostly about feel because you can’t hear either one so in conclusion if you’re dying to get your hands on those Michael Air Jordan 11 Conchords and you don’t want to wait till the holidays pick up a pair of cleats pick up some felt pads you’re all set I will say this ,cheap jordans,if you plan on walking only on carpet and leather you don’t even need the felt pads just get those cleats and you’re good thanks for watching and remember tune in again for more helpful shoe hacks from me

Jordan Landes-Brenman’s Classic Shoes Shoe Hoarders Ep. 8

hi I’m Tyra also known as Stefan my shoes on the Channel Nine Network and you’re watching shoe hoarders hi guys I’m Jordan and this tinkerbell welcome to our place let’s go check out my shoes come on this way welcome to my bedroom which also doubles as my shoe closet I own a fashion PR and marketing company called hot house PR and marketing and we specialize in representing fashion designers,cheap jordan 11, so because of that I get a lot of free clothes that has enabled me to be able to afford accessories I’m obsessed with nude shoes.

I know it’s trendy I know you know everyone’s doing that now but I did it before everyone else and the reason is because it elongate your leg for instance right now I’m wearing nude shoes this makes me look taller skinnier just it’s great it’s just a matter of matching it to your skin tone which can be tricky whenever I need to you know run to the dog store run to the dry cleaner go to Starbucks this is what I wear I have had my Chanel flats for years,jordan 11 china, I love the patent cap-toe I’ll of course the logo but that it’s still subtle so it’s not in-your-face and I love that it looks like old school ballet shoes because I did ballet for like 14 years so this just reminds me of those and they’re so comfortable but they still have a tiny bit of heel I’ve had them for the past like 7 years and I wear them everywhere this is the shoe that I’ve worn more than any other pair of shoe all men now know to look for this red sole they need to know one thing about fashion they know what Christian Louboutins are even if they can’t say it correctly they’re kind of like a mullet when you think about it it’s like business and front party and back these are these red road NOLA Blahniks .

I just think they’re beautiful I called in my senior eat two shoes reminds me of my mid-20s other pairs buy Manolo Blahnik as well I just love all the red sparkle you could click your heels together and say there’s no place like home please I know were originally 850 but I got them for like 285 which is a steal ,cheap jordan 11 low,so that’s why I bought two pairs when I bought these these are by Prada I’ve only worn these like two times the perfect nautical shoe that you probably can’t even wear while anything not a car they fight around your ankle which is just so fun and you know reminds me of summer even just the heel goes from navy to clear lucite which is just so unexpected so thanks for stopping by and checking out my shoe collection.

I’m gonna go walk Tinkerbell now so I’ll see you later fight are you a shoe order to upload a video of your shoe collection to prove it to create a video response follow these three easy steps step 1 go to the comments box step 2 click video response step 3 upload and post it you

Custom JORDAN 1 for Chris Brown

today I have a very special custom now I know I say this about every single custom that I do but today it’s actually very very special and it’s not always special to me it’s actually special to my friend Chris Brown yes I like to call him my friend makes me feel a little bit cooler than I am he actually asked me if I can do some Jordan ones .

I said can I do Jordan once of course I can do Jordan one take a look see Daisy at those and now as you can see I talked to him on DM therefore I do read my dear therefore when you guys DM me I do read them just a few DMS about the Bands competition where you customize pair vans and they like reduce it and you vote on it just a few people damn me about that maybe yeah ,cheap jordan shoes,so I’m gonna answer stay tuned okay also as far as today’s video goes I think I’m gonna throw on some rose and like laughs because um they’re for Chris Brown and I think he is the representation of a rose because he rose in Fame but let’s start and get right into this shoe drop a like down below if you will do ok enough to poetry enough with the blabbering it’s time to get into of the paints when you watch this video please notice my edits I’m out in your trying are and it’s just simple little things you may not notice like this or if I have some paint enjoy the video make sure and subscribe ,cheap jordans for sale,if you’re new to this channel enjoy let’s go . this is the final product finished Jordan I just took Chris Brown’s drip level and took it from maybe s8 and now it is 11 out of 10 so you’re welcome also I apologize .

if I look a little weird and sound a little funny but I just always look weird it’s not funny also this is a Jordan one shoe and I just custom painted it but if you didn’t like the Jordan one I think I can do other thing I can paint bill origami I can do quite a bit of stuff but my mind is going like this cuz I don’t know what to do I can’t even cook I get yourself a man who can cook so just drop a comment down below letting me know what you want to see me do hopefully ,cheap jordan 11,I can hand deliver these to him and then got a picture with her and then I could like show it to my friends and stuff and they’ll like like you a little better but I’m gonna have to make myself a pair of these honestly I can see it and then we can be twinsies high-five okay .

I hope you enjoyed I hope you’re a little bit satisfied even if you were not this much satisfied hopefully or at least that much satisfied okay a little melon sham um that’s kind of off subscribe down below go down hit subscribe if you’re new I’ll see you in a week with possibly sneak peek ready sneak peek hopefully you got that you probably did it but if you did I’ll see you next week with that and goodbye

Ressurected Exirceptor Vfr 800 Honda Streetfighter fairings

flying from jeep xtreme @ i want to give you an update on my bike in the progress that has been made this is almost finished I have have you been following my build thread kind of here and there I all I’ve got left to do now is add shorty exhaust I think ,2007 gsxr 600 fairings,I’m going to go with a caufman exhaust on it has one removable baffle that I could put on it what I’ve done is I take it on a ride yesterday about 60 miles and handle the grade did great I didn’t have any issues except for a little bit of sputter because of I’m not running basically an exhaust our muffler right now so and I did some delete so it kinda and needs a little bit of tuning .

but she runs pretty name did I one that bad what I did on the front is I put my exhaust tips on the front of it are actually the exhaust shields and I’m not done with them i’m going to pop rivet them around the edges here but it may not it kind of made a nice Oh fairing front on it and what I used was exhaust shields and tips off of it,cheap motorcycle fairings, but I’m pretty happy with it it’s come out pretty good I just uses the shield’s like a sad and the shield decorative tips for it up here I might put what I’m going to do is put fog lights in there they’re aiming up a little bit so i’ll have to eat my fog lights kind of down but this light right here is aimed down fairly good so i may put some decorative light in it and maybe a pot light i did put some lower handlebars on there basically sportbike bars and they clear can see i’m rubbing a little bit right here but not terrible and i can probably fix that but other than that everything clears .

i had to move my whole face plate right here or my my instrument panel up that was very challenging took the most time arrived anything so i could save this and keep this ,gsxr 600 fairings,because i like I want to have all my gauges now or I made a little bracket to hold my life worked out nice inside it works good anyhow this is it this is almost the finished product got the chip the rear exhaust tip put on foot muffler tip to put on and eventually i’ll replace the tank but it’s not perfect .

it’s not meant to be perfect and i’m pretty proud of her so in three weeks I accomplished replacing the bike .

The best online places to get original Jordan shoes for low prices 

It is no surprise how Jordans found their way into the fashion line. Even from the 90s, these shoes have been one of the most sought-after brands in the whole world. From the basketball court to the streets and even offices and functions, you can always rock a pair of Jordans. 

However, in as much as you would love to be a “Jordan-owner”, these shoes are quite expensive to buy. If you are out for cheap Jordan shoes, several websites offer different grades of Jordan shoes for reasonable prices. But, not all of these sites are genuine. Hence, you must be careful where you buy from to not waste your money on fakes or not even get anything at all. To save you the stress, we have compiled a list of some accredited websites for you to secure your first or next pair of Jordans:

1. AliExpress:

AliExpress provides several middle-men that deal with cheap Jordan shoes, so dealers will try to cut down the prices to get more sales. Besides, there are a lot of options there so you can look well for quality, attractive cheap Jordan options.

2. provides authentic Jordans for low, competitive prices from china. Most importantly, every Jordan product you buy is guaranteed with 100% quality. They offer different models of Jordans and Nike Jordans for wholesale. They also accept all credit cards for payment and free shipping for purchases above $130.

3. Eastbay :

Eastbay offers retails and wholesales of authentic cheap Jordans. Most importantly, they frequently offer coupon codes and free shipping. You can also get different models of affordable Jordan shoes from $50 and above.

4. Finish Line:

Finish Line offers a wide variety of very affordable Jordan shoes of different grades with shipping prices as low as $7. While some of the prices seem too good to be true, these models may come in limited sizes. You can get Jordans for both children and adults here.

5. Kickscrew:

This popular online store provides different authentic cheap Jordan shoes for wholesale. Every Jordan product you buy here is genuine with the capacity for high demands. They also offer worldwide coverage from any destination in the world.

6. Kickusa:

Kickusa specially deals with cheap Jordan shoes for competitive wholesale prices. If you buy wholesale Jordans above $100, you’ll get free shipping. They also offer excellent customer services and exchange/return policies. 

7. Cheapnkshoes:

Cheapnkshoes also offer credible cheap Jordan shoes for wholesales at competitive prices. They offer discounts on the number of products you buy plus free shipping above $60-worth products to anywhere within the US. Here, you can save up to 50-70% on purchases.

8. Thetopsneaker:

This store offers different brands of cheap sneakers for wholesales. You get free shipping from the purchase of 3 pairs, plus good payment options, including PayPal. 

Husqvarna Motorcycle Guides Sorted

Husqvarna Motorcycle Guides Sorted

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