Bill Evans

September, 1980, NYC

So…we’re walking up 7th Ave, Andy Statman and I…talking music, telling stories, laughing. Andy is always so upbeat, enthusiastic, and a ball to hang out with.
And funny?                                                                                                                   Man!                                                                                                                                    One minute we’re cracking up, the next we’re deep into some scoring idea.

Andy Statman
Andy Statman

I glanced down at a stack of newspapers, still tied together at a news stand. Something catches my eye…

“Pianist Bill Evans d…”!

Oh no!                                                                                                                             Don’t tell us that!
Tears come to our eyes.                                                                                                We couldn’t speak.

Bill Evans
Bill Evans

I am fortunate to have seen Bill Evans live at least 6 times. Once when I was going to Berklee he did a Sunday afternoon solo set “in the round” at Boston’s legendary Jazz Workshop. David Grisman and I battled an epic NYC blizzard to get to a club where Bill’s trio played to maybe 6 people. motorcycle fairings,When Bill Evans played you knew that you were in the presence of genius.

I am “blogging” about Bill Evans because just this week I was looking at a magazine rack, saw the Downbeat logo, yamaha r6 fairings,and there he was on the cover…32 years later!! Incredible!

Thankfully…we have a lifetime of recordings…and Bill Evans continues to inspire on every one of them.

John Carlini

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