Premier of John’s Podcast from “The Vault”!

Welcome to a new feature of John’s Blog, podcasts from “The Vault“, audio/video programs comprised of selections from my personal iTunes¬†collection. This first episode contains a sample tune, “Blues al Dente”, from my CD, “The Game’s Afoot!” and features Don Stiernberg, Pat Cloud, Brian Glassman, and Steve Holloway.

Then special guest, David Grisman, joins me on a phone interview produced by bluegrass radio host, Carol Beaugard. David offers some essential acoustic music history and memories. I think you’re all going to enjoy hearing about the roots of “Dawg Music” and the DGQ. That’s followed by a track from the Grammy-nominated CD, “Dawg ’90“.

The program winds up with a solo guitar piece, “River Sound“, dedicated to the memory of my friend, Nashville mandolinist/producer, Butch Baldasarri.

I hope you all enjoy this first episode from “The Vault”!

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