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"Further Adventures"

Solo and Trio acoustic interpretations and arrangements.


"By George"

Don Stiernberg & John Carlini

All-Acoustic and all-Gershwin!

"Angel Eyes"

Don Stiernberg & John Carlini

Acoustic arrangements of

Great American Standards

"The Game's Afoot"

The John Carlini Quartet

Original Acoustic String Music



"The Turning Point"

The John Carlini Quartet

Live at the Turning Point!

"River Suite for Two Guitars"

Guitar duo music

With Tony Rice and John Carlini


Nashville meets Manhattan

 Acoustic Gems


"Dawg '90"

Grammy-nominated collection of great acoustic music!

"Back to Back"


"Fly Me To The Moon"

Great American Standards for Harp and Acoustic Jazz Guitar


"Flatbush Waltz" Out Of Stock

Orchestrations of Original Acoustic Compositions

Special Sale!


"A Christmas Gift"

New Arrangements of Favorite Holiday Music

"Song of Singapore"

Score from off-Broadway swing musical, "The Song of Singapore"



Contemporary West Coast Grooves

"Joke on the Puppy"

Caroline Mountain Band

New treatments of Old Time standards

"Whispering Pines"
Bernie Coveney
Original Acoustic Guitar Music

John Carlini Trio "Further Adventures"

" amazing and unusual mix of Carlini, standards, pop, and folk...his homage to Debussy would make you weep...a revelation!"


George Marriner Maull; Artistic Director, The Discovery Orchestra

“Over and over again, Carlini proves adept at ballads…his chord soloing is marvelous…on first listen you notice Carlini’s versatility and sense of taste.”

Vintage Guitar Magazine


"Further Adventures"

Released 2007

John Carlini - 6 & 7 string guitars

Jim Cox - bass

Phil Gratteau - drums

Don Stiernberg - rhythm guitar (tracks 3, 8)

Geraldo deOliveira - percussion (tracks 4, 10)


1. Bolivia

2. You Must Believe In Spring

3. Days of Wine and Roses

4. Chega de Saudade

5. Mona Lisa

6. Autumn in New York

7. Doctor Gradus ad Parnassum

8. Donna Lee

9. Ocean of Diamonds

10. T for Me

11. Do You Know What It Means to Miss New Orleans

12. Both Sides Now


More Info


Don Stiernberg and John Carlini "By George"




“I love it immensely. I listen to it over and over!”

Tony Rice





"By George"

Released 2005


The timeless music of great American composer, George Gershwin, researched and re-arranged for acoustic quartet.



Don Stiernberg - Mandolin, Mandola

John Carlini - Guitar

Jim Cox - Bass

Phil Gratteau - Drums


1. Nice Work If You Can Get It

2. Liza

3. How Long Has This Been Going On

4. Somebody Loves Me

5. Fascinatin' Rhythm

6. I've Got A Crush On You

7. Someone To Watch Over Me

8. The Man I Love

9. Rhapsody In Blue (Intro)

10. Summertime

11. Embraceable You

12. Soon

13. Strike Up The Band

14. I Got Rhythm



Don Stiernberg and John Carlini "Angel Eyes"

"'s not too much of a stretch to see Thelonious Monk nodding in approval!"

 Andy Cohen; Downbeat Magazine

With two sensitive and creative leaders, a wonderfully supportive rhythm section, and a program of great songs, "Angel Eyes" is a delight.

Joe Lang; New Jersey Jazz Society 


"Angel Eyes"

Released 2004

John is proud to announce the first in a series of recordings with the premiere jazz mandolinist on the scene today, Don Stiernberg! Together with top Chicago rhythm section players, Jim Cox on acoustic bass, and Phil Gratteau on drums, they make their own definitive statements on favorites from the Great American Songbook. This is 100% acoustic music!


Don Stiernberg - mandolin

John Carlini - guitar

Jim Cox - bass

Phil Gratteau - drums


1. The Way You Look Tonight

2. All The Things You Are

3. My One And Only Love

4. Body and Soul

5. How About You

6. Tenderly

7. Round Midnight

8. They Can't Take That Away From Me

9. Angel Eyes

10. In A Sentimental Mood

11. Secret Love


John Carlini Quartet with Pat Cloud "The Game's Afoot"

..."Serious music worthy of serious listening"...

from liner notes by Tony Rice




Once again you've created a terrific piece of music history!"

Brad Davis


"The Game's Afoot"

Released 2002


Original "new acoustic music" performed by a "dream team" of acoustic musicians!

John Carlini - Acoustic Guitar

Don Stiernberg -Mandolin
Brian Glassman - Acoustic Bass

Steve Holloway- Drums/Percussion

Pat Cloud- 5-string Banjo!


1. Kool Kitsch
2. Blues al Dente
3. BitterSweet
4. The Game's Afoot!
5. Poor Wayfaring Stranger

6. Yer Bad Self
7. Aerborn
8. So it Goes
9. Mugavero



The John Carlini Quartet "Live at the Turning Point"


"This energetic set... captures the magic!"

Bill Keith




"Turning Point"

Released 2007


The original John Carlini Quartet recorded live in 1999 at the Turning Point in Piermont, NY. just released!


John Carlini - guitar

Josh Rubin - guitar

Brian Glassman - acoustic bass

Steve Holloway - drums


1. Virtual Fajitas
2. BitterSweet
3. Blues al Dente
4. Aerborne
5. Nuages

6. Minor Swing



John Carlini & Tony Rice "River Suite for Two Guitars"

"Fantastic music from two pioneers of the acoustic music scene."

David Grisman



"River Suite" is a must have for anyone who loves the sound of progressive acoustic flatpicked guitar."

Bluegrass Unlimited




"River Suite

for Two Guitars"

Released 1995


Tony Rice and John Carlini, friends and colleagues, weave acoustic guitar duet interpretations of standards and original music.

Tony Rice - guitar (left channel)
John Carlini - guitar (right channel)


1. Banister River
2. Send in the Clowns
3. Innocenti
4. So it Goes
5. Nardis
6. Unknown Emotion/Hidden Place

7. Fishscale
8. Night Caoch
9. Big Mang
10. Summertime
11. It Takes a Thief
12. Devlin



Butch Baldassari & John Carlini "Reflections"



"...there's far more to this recording than fast picking. Taste, restraint, and style are the key."


Dirty Linen Magazine




Released 1999


"...the high lonesome blues from the hollows of Kentucky, syncopated string jazz from the boulevard cafés of Paris and fascinating rhythms echoing along the Broadways of uptown Manhattan all come together under one roof."

-- Liner notes by David McCarty

Butch Baldassari - Mandolin
John Carlini - Acoustic Guitar
Greg Cohen - Acoustic Bass
Byron House - Acoustic Bass
Dave Spicher - Acoustic Bass

1. The Game's Afoot
2. Piano Prelude II
3. Limehouse Blues
4. Saphrone
5. Reflections for Two Spanish Guitars 

6. What's Doin
7. Winin Boy Blues
8. Spiritual/Evening Prayer Blues
9. The Minnie Ball of Shiloh
10. Twilight Waltz



David Grisman Quintet " Dawg '90"


"It wins bluegrass people over to jazz and jazz people over to bluegrass and rock people over to both."

J. D. Kleinke - Bluegrass Unlimited

"John Carlini, a wily mainstream jazz veteran with an unerring feel for all idioms."

Guitar Player Magazine


"Dawg '90"

Released 1990


Grammy-nominated collection of great acoustic music!


David Grisman - mandolin
Mark O'Connor - fiddle
Matt Glaser - fiddle
Matt Eakle - flute
John Carlini - guitars
James Kerwin - bass
Joe Craven - percussion/strings


1. Pupville

2. Chili Dawg

3. Mad Max

4. O'Banion's Wake

5. Dawg Daze

6. 'Lil Samba

7. Learned Pigs

8. Gypsy Nights

9. Hot Club Swing

10. Sativa


Jethro Burns & Tiny Moore "Back to Back"


"...five instrumental genius legends, a broad range of material expertly arranged (John Carlini), and a visionary producer (David Grisman)..."


From Don Stiernberg's liner notes



"Back to Back"

Released 2004


Tiny Moore - mandolin

Jethro Burns - mandolin

Eldon Shamblin - rhythm guitar

Ray Brown - bass

Shelly Manne - drums

David Grisman - mandolin on 6 and 13.


*John Carlini - arranger


1. Back to Back*

2. Diane*

3. In A Mellow Tone*

4. Real Laid Back

5. Flickin' My Pick

6. Moonlight Waltz*

7. Jethro's Tune

8. Swing '39

9. Out of Nowhere

10. Tickle Toe*

11. Tiny's Rag'

12. Groovin' High*

13. Maiden's Prayer


Louise Trotter & John Carlini "Fly Me To The Moon"







"Fly Me To The Moon"

Released 2003


Easy listening pop standards with jazz improvisations.


"When Louise Trotter called me from Houston to ask me to be her accompanist at a "lever" harp festival concert in New Jersey, I was not sure what to expect, having never before played with a harpist. The experience was a joy! Since then we have played several concerts together which led to our recording of "Fly Me To The Moon". Playing music with Louise is always a pleasure. We hope that you enjoy the music."

 -- John Carlini

Louise Trotter - harp

John Carlini - guitar


1. On A Clear Day

2. Fly Me To The Moon

3. Malaguena - Besame Mucho

4. Never On Sunday

5. I Could Have Danced All Night

6. Enbraceable You

7. Around the World

8. Moonglow

9. Honeysuckle Rose

10. All The Things You Are

11. Tangerine

12. Twelth Street Rag

13. Stardust


More Info

Andy Statman "Flatbush Waltz"


"Haunting, witty and swinging."






"...offers some of the most engrossing string music you're likely to hear... people will be studying it and talking about it for a long time to come."


JIm Hatlo; Frets Magazine


"Flatbush Waltz"

Released 1981


The first mandolin improvisations in a contemporary jazz setting, as well as compositions utilizing a diversity of ethnic and modern traditions.

-- Liner notes by Arnold Dreyblatt

Andy Statman - mandolin

John Carlini - guitar

Marty Confurius - bass

Dom Um Romáo - percussion

Frank Clayton - drums

Produced by Andy Statman and John Carlini.

Arranger/Orchestrator - John Carlini



1. Flatbush Waltz

2. China

3. Away You Go

4. East Wind Blues

5. Ancestral Steppes

6. Fanfare

7. Meditation Signal

8. Barbara In The Morning

9. Bats and Belz

10. Twilight Blue


Bill Robinson & John Carlini "A Christmas Gift"



"Upon it's first playing, this CD became my favorite Christmas recording!"


Dan Miller: Publisher; Flatpicking Guitar Magazine

Special Sale!

($10.00 USD)

"A masterpiece!"

 -- Tony Rice

"A Christmas Gift"

Released 1995


"Your beautiful Christmas album with Bill Robinson will be a welcome addition to our annual Holiday gathering."

-- Tony Mottola

"...a wonderfully warm and intimate album...this is a little gem from NJ musicians well worth seeking out."

-- George Kanzler - Star Ledger

Bill Robinson - vocals

John Carlini - guitar

Rob Paparozzi - harmonica*

Earl May - bass

Nick Prout - percussion (on track 6)


1. Winter Wonderland

2. Good King Wenceslas*

3. Silent Night*

4. Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!

5. Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas

6. Up On The Rooftop*

7. The First Noel

8. O' Come All Ye Faithful*

9. It Came Upon A Midnight Clear*

10. Sleigh Ride

11. Away In A Manger

12. Medley: Do You Hear What I Hear/What Child Is This

13. We Wish You A Merry Christmas


Original Cast Recording "Song of Singapore"




"Director... and writer... take second place to John Carlini's orchestrations..."


The New York Law Journal



"...the jazz absolutely top-notch..."


New York Post


"Song of Singapore"

Released 1992


Cast recording of the award-winning hot swing musical featuring Drama Desk-nominated orchestrations by John Carlini.

Jon Gordon - Saxophone
Robert Hipkens - trumpet/dobro guitar
Art Baron - trombone
Dennis Wilson - trombone
Jacquey Maltby - vocals
Eric Frandsen - guitar
Michael Garin - piano
Earl May - bass
Oliver Jackson, Jr. - drums


John Carlini - orchestrator/associate producer


1. Song of Singapore
2. Inexpensive Tango
3. I miss my home in Haarlem
4. You gotta do what you gotta do
5. The Rose of Rangoon
6. Necrology
7. Sunrise
8. Never pay musicians what
they're worth
9. Harbour of Love
10. I can't remember
11. I want to get off of this Island/Harbour of Love

12. Foolish Geese
Serve it Up
14. Fly Away Rose
15. I Remember
16. Shake, Shake, Shake
17. We're Rich
18. Sunrise/Song of Singapore



Bruce Glover "Fragile"


"In the beginning there was Noise

And Noise begat Rhythm

And Rhythm begat Everything else"


“He's good at making it all sound easy. Being a trumpet player, I have to notice how good his tone was…more than the fluglehorn's natural sound…almost like someone talking when he played…”

Charlie Stiernberg



Released in 2005


Bruce Glover - flugelhorn/arranger/composer.


1. Funk not Funk

2. Spinning

3. Fragile

4. Ode to Billie Joe

5. Emilina


7. Nahlo's Dream

8. Bonkers

9. Field of Grace

10. Rico

11. Samba Nueva

More Info

Caroline Mountain Band "Joke on the Puppy"


This music is old and it is new. It is music of the heart and of the Great American Soul. Go deep and listen!"


From liner notes by John Carlini



"Joke on the Puppy"

Released 2009


Aron Rider - cello     Michael Maher - banjo

1. Texas
2. Sittin' On Top Of The World
3. Bonaparte's Revenge
4. Willie Moore
5. Ashokan Farewell
6. Snake In The Woodshed
7. Forked Deer - Joke On The Puppy
8. Groundhog
9. >Great Big Taters In Sandy Land
10. The Cuckoo
11. Bury Me Not On The Lone Prairie
12. Sara Armstrong

13. Shelvin' Rock - Mike In The Wilderness

14. Man Of Constant Sorrow

15. Yew Piney Mountain

16. Cowboy Waltz

Bernie Coveney acoustic guitar "Whispering Pines"

"Bernie Coveney invites you to join him...down the many roads he's traveled in an instrumental journey home to a place called Whispering Pines."

"This is acoustic music born in the pines and the clean mountain air of the Blue Ridge Mountains. Put this on, close your eyes, and you're there!"


John Carlini


"Whispering Pines"

Released 2007

Bernie Coveney- Acoustic Guitar
Michael Mitchell - Fiddle
Martin Scudder - Fiddle
Abe Goorskey - Mandolin
John Carlini - Acoustic Guitar
Chris Luster - Bass

1. Lucky Lou
2. Cherry Wine
3. Whispering Pines
4. Autumn Falls
5. En la Frontera
6. Coming Home
7. Fair Well
8. New Love
9. Where's Joe
10. BJ's Rag
11. Still I Wonder
12. Soaring

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